Exploring sustainable teaching: insights and the pedagogical journey to impact.

What you need to know to foster sustainability and responsibility in your course


Speakers Date Time Format Subject
Prof. Dr. Bernadette Dilger
and Prof. Dr. Judith Walls
Monday, 30 September 2024 (Kick-Off) 16.00-18.00 online Promote Sustainability
Professionally and
Take Heterogeneity into Account
  Tuesday, 26 November 2024 09.00-13.00 face-to-face  

Course Description

How can I connect Responsibility and Sustainability (R&S) to my discipline/topic so that my students get a holistic understanding of the current and future global challenges? How can I design/revise my course/study program in the context of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)?
In this workshop, you will rethink and innovate around your course/degree program (or design a new one) in the context of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). You will have a chance to reflect on how to foster responsibility and sustainability (R&S) into student learning from a content and methodological perspective. The workshop offers you an opportunity to be inspired by other participants’ experiences, innovative methods, and sustainability-related resources. You will also exchange with peers and experts and discuss your challenges in designing a constructive learning environment in your classes.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants learn about the importance of R&S in Higher Education and the HSG Context
  • Participants gain orientation in implementing R&S into their courses by:
    • Using a model for designing courses (constructive alignment)
    • Using a competence model for embedding sustainability into teaching
    • Using different pedagogical methods for training specific competences
    • Using a toolkit for further sustainability-related content inspiration and development in relation to their disciplines
    • Knowing briefly where they can get further support
  • Participants reflect on their courses and submit questions / find solutions to hindrances in implementing R&S into their courses.

Course Content

30 September 2024: Online Kick-Off via zoom (2h)
At the kick-off event, you will find out what the aims of the course are and what is expected of you. You will get an overview on R&S in the curriculum (importance, content & methodological approaches). You will be given access to a self-study course in which you will find materials for the preparation task and can work through the basic concepts of responsibility and sustainability.

Preparation Assignment
With the help of the preparation materials, you will design a rough course plan and decide on the learning objectives. Any questions can be submitted before the face-to-face workshop so that the workshop can be tailored to the needs of the participants. Please come to the in-presence workshop with your rough course plan.

26 November 2024: Presence Workshop (4h)
The questions raised in the preparation phase are exchanged and you receive feedback on your ideas and elaborations. We discuss possible ways of implementing the desired learning objectives and have time for reflection in order to advance and concretise the preparations for the further development of your course/programme.


  • Active Blended Learning / Workshop

Target Groups

The workshop primarily addresses active teaching faculty but also everyone who is interested in fostering responsibility & sustainability in teaching (e.g. Programme managers).


Prof. Dr. Bernadette Dilger

Prof. Dr. Bernadette Dilger

is Professor of Business Education and Director of the Institute for Business Education at the University of St.Gallen. She studied business administration and business education. She trains prospective teachers in management, economics, and law. As the academic head of HDZ-HSG (Centre of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education at the University St.Gallen), she is responsible for the didactic offers at the HSG and advises and supports teaching faculty.


Prof. Dr. Judith Walls

Prof. Dr. Judith Walls

is Chair for Sustainability Management and Director of the Institute for Economy and the Environment (IWÖ). She also serves as the Delegate for Responsibility and Sustainability for the HSG. She completed her PhD at the Lally School of Management (Rensselaer) and was an Alcoa Foundation Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Erb Institute for Sustainable Enterprise (University of Michigan). She also has an MBA in International Business with the NUS Business School (National University of Singapore) and an MSc in Wildlife, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health at the Edinburgh Medical School (University of Edinburgh). She has many years of experience working in investor relations consulting in Europe and Asia, and conservation work in Africa and Asia.


For employees of the University of St.Gallen, the course fee is covered by the University. External participants will be charged CHF 180.- for a half-day course and CHF 300.- for a full-day course.

The face-to-face courses take place on the campus of the University of St.Gallen. The exact course location will be announced after registration about one week before the course starts.

If you have any questions, please contact the Centre of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (HDZ-HSG) at Dufourstrasse 40a, 9000 St.Gallen via or call +41 71 224 2630.

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