Current Course Programme

The HDZ's further education courses address specific issues in a concise and compact manner. The courses highlight various facets of teaching and learning at higher education institutions for all levels of the academic career.

To ensure interaction and mutual exchange, the number of participants is strictly limited.


The English version of our website only lists the courses that are offered in English. For our full range of further education courses, please visit the German page. 

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Self-learning Course

Further Education Courses FS 2024

Further Education Courses FS24

Course fees

For members of the University of St.Gallen, the course fee is covered by the University. External participants will be charged CHF 180 for a half-day course and CHF 300 for a full-day course.

Regulation of absences

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Secretariat, IWP-HSG

Karen Kaspar

Secretariat, IWP-HSG

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