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Here you will find an overview of past continuing education courses held by the University Teaching and Learning Center of the University of St.Gallen.

The English version of our website only lists the courses that are offered in English. For our full range of further education courses, please visit the German page. 

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Present & Communicate Confidently

How can content be presented clearly and convincingly? The focus of this area is on a convincing presentation by using your body and voice consciously and confidently. Visualisations, gripping rhetoric and a physical and vocal presence will help you to appear confident and keep the attention of your students.

Previous courses 2023:
Using Visual Variation to spice up your Teaching Material and Approach

Supervise & Assess Fairly and Efficiently

How do I deal with the tension between supervising and assessing? What do I need to consider when students write in English as a second language? Supervisors of student work are confronted with various challenges, which are addressed in the courses and workshops in this area.

Previous courses 2023:
Supervising and Assessing Student Writing

Design Evidence-based Teaching & Learning Processes

What is good teaching, how are learning processes initiated and what contributes to learning success?This focus is all about the planning of student-centred courses and the question of initiating and maintaining teaching and learning processes.We offer scientifically based courses and workshops on topics such as activating methods in courses or the initiation of cognitively demanding thought processes.

Previous courses in 2023:
Educational Myths Debunked

Promote Sustainability Professionally and Take Heterogeneity into Account

Why should I promote an awareness of responsible behaviour in society in my higher education teaching? How can I establish a substantive link between sustainability aspects and my own discipline? And how should I deal with critical events and the increasing diversity of students? These and other topics form the core of this specialisation.

Previous courses in 2023:
From insight to impact: tackling the sustainability challenge in teachin

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